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Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina
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Our delicious coffee selections
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Roasted coffe beans

A great variety of coffee blends able to satisfy every need:


1) Trieste 100% Arabica
2) Milano 100% single-origin Arabica

3) Torino Blend 90% Arabica - 10% Robusta

4) Venezia Blend 80% Arabica - 20% Robusta

5) Firenze Blend 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta

5) Roma Blend 60% Arabica - 40% Robusta

6) Napoli Blend 50% Arabica - 50% Robusta


At the customer's request, if you reach the minimum order quantities (MOQ), customized recipes can be developed

Grounded coffee beans's roasted for Italian Moka coffee machine

A selection of coffee blends for the traditional Moka coffee machine.

For this type of extraction they are mainly used blends of great aroma and characterized by a low acidity:

1) Milano 100% single-origin Arabica
2) Firenze 90% Arabica - 10% Robusta
3) Roma 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta

For Moka-type coffee blends, a slightly lighter type of roasting is performed. After a short maturation, the coffee is ground and immediately packaged; in this way all the aromas that will surround you during the tasting are preserved for a long time.

Drip coffee - American coffee

A selection of high-quality coffee blends designed for a perfect American-style long extraction.

After years of research and development and experience gained on the American market, we are proud to offer a unique and high quality product.
For this kind of extraction we use a special roasting process: medium or light roasted coffee:

1) Trieste 100% Arabica MEDIUN ROASTED
2) Milano 100% Arabica single origin LIGHT ROASTED
3) Firenze 90% Arabica - 10% Robusta ITALIAN ROASTED

Cold Brew Coffee - Shakerato iced coffee

This is a type of slow and low temperature extraction that requires very special coffee blends, rich in aromas and flavors.
Both the roasting and the grinding must be different in order to enhance the more persistent and aromatic notes.
Sweet notes with hints of dried fruit are preferred and sour notes should be avoided.
When you drink a cold brew coffee or a shakerato cold coffee you are looking for different characteristics from a normal espresso, the drink must be refreshing and with a sweet and delicate taste.
The palate must remain clean and free of bitter aftertaste.

Milk Shake - Frappuccino

Milk shake and frappuccino are obtained with double espresso mixed with milk and ice.
This is why you need coffee blends with a strong, decisive and persistent taste that are enhanced with the addition of milk and cold.

Blends are preferred from dark and prolonged roasting.

The most suitable blends are:
1) Roma 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta DARK ROASTED
2) Napoli 50% Arabica - 50% Robusta DARK ROASTED

Special Blends: Blue Mountain Coffee  from Jamaica
Special Blends: Kopi Luwak Coffee from Indonesia