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Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina
Caffè Marconi
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm 
# via Ettore Sambo, 19 
59100 Prato (PO) Italy
The Real Italian Espresso
Since 1930
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Our History: 100 years of tradition


The history of the Ancient Torrrefazione  Fiorentina  was founded in the heart of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance "Piazza della Signoria".
We are in the early 1900's when Granfather Alfredo Marconi begins working at the age of six years old, he became an apprentice in a grocery store which had its headquarters in the square that is the heart of Florence’s downtown. In 1930, the now thirty-year-old took over the shop and began to develop a keen interest in the world of coffee.

This was the birth of the Ancient Torrefazione Fiorentina “Caffè Marconi”.

It's been almost 100 years and today we come to the 4th generation but nothing has changed: the commitment, the passion and love for coffee are always the same. The strength and the real reason of the pride and distinction of Coffee Marconi, is the attention to craftsmanship: there are precise roasting rules that are the same as always.


Our values

Our products


The best selections of Arabica coffee beans from all over the world, combined with our unique method of processing, will bring to your palate the fragrance and aroma of freshly roasted coffee giving you a smile.
We at the Ancient Torrefazione Fiorentina Caffè Marconi work every day to maintain a level of absolute excellence and a constant quality over time.
For our company, satisfying the customer is the most important value.
Continuing in the tradition of ancient rules, our roasters take care of the selection of the best coffee qualities from all over the world; in this way, the coffee beans becomes an harmony of flavors that will make the tasting experience unique.

Today, we use the state of the art of modern technology, this means that after almost a century of activity our coffee always has the quality and freshness that has always distinguished it.
Tasting the Caffè Marconi blends is an unic experience: you will immerse yourself in a sea of scents and flavors that only a perfect Italian espresso is able to give.
Our current production of roasted coffee is divided into:
1) Roasted Coffee blends in beans.
2) Roasted Mixtures of ground coffee for: moka, American coffee and "cold brew coffee".
3) Roasted Coffee in our "closed system" capsule (POD).

4) Roasted Coffee for Compatible capsules (PODS).


Passion and continuous research & development

Our experts select the best varieties of green coffee from all over the world: this is the art of "Italian Roasting".
We of the Ancient Florentine Roasting "Caffè Marconi" roast our blends with love and passion, nothing is left to chance.

Quality is our obsession: this is our secret.


Topping - Coffee Syrup are great in any type

of coffee beverages


Colorings free - Gluten free - Palm oil free - GMO free (without genetically modified organisms)

They are the ideal complement for all coffee and milk drinks: espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, macchiato, mocaccino, flat white, coffee milk, milk, coffee, etc.
Our "Coffee Syrup" are the result of years of research and development, they were born to enhance the taste of coffee drinks without covering the original flavors and aromas.
They melt immediately with a few turns of spoon and blend perfectly with the
beverage. They do not form clots and improve the texture of the drink giving a greater consistency.
Finally you can customize coffee drinks and find your favorite recipe.
A simple addition of our Coffee syrups will suffice to savor a moment of pure passion: every coffee drink will become special and exclusive.
Once the bottle is opened, they can be stored at room temperature and keep their high quality until the last drop. The bottles have the measuring cap with valve for freshness: easy squeeze cap no drips, no spill, no leaks.
The internal closure valve guarantees hygiene and cleanliness in outdoor areas such as beaches, kiosks, events, etc.

Our Topping - Coffee syrup are perfect even with pancake, waffel, donouts, crepes, yogurt, ice cream, milkshake, smoothies, sweets and biscuits.

In Asia and China they are also used to prepare delicious Milk Tea.


Lat Art - One of the many ways for the use of the Topping - Coffee Syrup

Topping - Coffee Syrup perfect on:


The recipe of the month: VANILLA ICED LATTE


1) Take a jug and fill it with ice.
2) Add 1 or 2 fingers of Drop Vanilla Coffee Syrup to realize the bottom.
3) Add the milk up to 3/4 of the jug.
4) With the Rome or Florence coffee blend make a long espresso.
5) Stir slowly from bottom to top.
6) Enjoy.

You can enjoy all the freshness and taste of this typical "American Style" milk


The cherry blossom festival is approaching, prepare a delicious "SAKURA CAPPUCCINO" with our strawberry topping


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